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Royalty Crystal Waist Bead

The Royalty Crystal waist bead is a beautiful pattern of “Gold” with a blend of other lively colors that’ll be sure to blend in to your skin beautifully, giving you the boost of confidence you need to feel your best as you start your waist bead journey. Our authentic waist beads can be custom fitted for women up to 47” in waist size. 


• One single strand waist bead, hand made in Ghana

• Fully adjustable with 48 inches of beads

• Waterproof design

• Crafted with strong hand weaved thread to enhance durability

• High quality glass beads leave a glossy finish and no fade result

• Lifespan of waist beads with proper care is 2 years minimum

Uses of Waist beads 

• Cultural Significance; Symbolic in African and Middle Eastern cultures for femininity, fertility, and rites of passage. 

• Fashion and Adornment; Stylish accessories adding flair to outfits, visible or hidden. 

• Body Positivity;  Celebrate body shape, embrace curves, and promote body positivity..

• Weight Monitoring; Can serve as indicators of changes in weight or size. 

• Self-Expression;  Reflect personality, beliefs, or moods as a form of personal expression. 

•Sensuality; Enhance sensuality and confidence, sometimes used for intimacy.

How to Measure yourself for Waist Beads

 What You'll Need: A flexible measuring tape.

• Find your natural waist, typically the narrowest part above your belly button. 

•Wrap a measuring tape around your waist snugly but not too tight. 

• Note the measurement in inches.

• Consider comfort preferences for how snug or loose you want the waist beads. 

• Optionally, measure multiple times for accuracy 

• Provide this measurement when ordering tie-on waist beads for the best fit. Adjustments can be made once you receive them.

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